Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Ends in Pictures

 I have not written in so long!  Life has been so interesting, as well.

 Should I sit in the cold car daydreaming about my hubby?  Or should I go work out?  Oh, all right.

 Favorite scarf to cheer up another dark, miserable, snowy day.

 "Men's Health".  I'll take this home for Chuck.  I want to show him the part on how to dress for any occasion.  Also how to be excellent at everything and get laid a bunch more.  And make a better cheese sandwich.

 Still trying to gain mastery of my Kate'sDumbPhone.
 The office was freezing today.
 I am evaluating resumes for the search committee tasked with finding a new director for the University's volunteer service center.  The pile is a bit daunting.

 Venting about his "mMld and Spores" project.

 When is Sara going to get home?
 Still waiting for Sara...
 Sara's home, and dinner is overcooked mush.
 There's always popcorn, though:  it's movie night.

 Setting those dates for the Grand Canyon...


  1. So what's wrong with Chuck's cheese sarnies?
    I do like these picture posts.

  2. What did you think of Lamb's We Are Water? I'm halfway through and cannot put it down.