Saturday, April 5, 2014

Six Word Saturday

The things we do for soup.

[I offered to make soup for a United Way fundraiser at my work, and soon wished I had not.  The soup sale was on Friday, and I work late on Thursday nights.  Making soup at 11 PM after working a 13 hour shift can cause "kitchen resentment". All of you out there who happily cook for your families but occasionally feel oppressed by this covenant know what I mean.

In the morning, I had to give up my workout so I could have the soup to school on time.

When something becomes a source of proud obsession, I think one of our greatest challenges is to learn to let go, don't you think?  So, I guess I should have been grateful when, as I was pulling out onto the county road, I hit a big bump which sent my crock pot sliding and clattering, upsetting in the way-back and spilling the soup entirely. Does it count as good fortune that the majority of it fell into a broken hubcap, so all I had to do was pour the contents of the hubcap onto the shoulder of the road?   The rest I sopped up with a canvas grocery bag. 

I did not have the creativity or presence of mind to consider whether I could have taken the contents of the hub cap and poured it back into the crock pot.] 


  1. *lol* I am so sorry...this made me laugh...but, I hope you were able to as well...eventually.

  2. I feel your pain. I had had something similar happen to me as well.

  3. So sorry all that hard work for naught.