Monday, April 28, 2014

Well, What If?

So, I really don't fancy myself a fiction writer; but sometimes I get little scenarios running through my head.  Never enough substance for a screen play, but maybe enough for an animated short.

Tonight, I was imagining a scenario in which a couple is trying to live happily ever after, but are thwarted by the man's ex-girlfriend, who decides to build her dream house next door.  We will add a "War of the Roses" element by having a contentious boundary dispute; a new property line that cuts through the protagonists' driveway; AND we'll make the ex-girlfriend harass the nice couple until they are granted a Protective Order.

So Mr. and Mrs. Protagonist are busy for the most part living their lives and enjoying each other, but every so often, they have the urge to...pee. On the ex's construction site. 

In my story, it will be the lady who decides one evening that she is going to act on this impulse.  We will set the scene in the cold stillness of late night, right before bedtime.  The driveway is dark and Mrs. Protagonist has to go pee.  We'll have her drop her trousers around her ankles and position her shapely derriere ('cause it's fiction) over a droopy spot in the orange plastic construction fence.  Naturally, once her pants are around her ankles, I think she should topple over, falling (bare) ass over teacups onto the fence, down the slope and onto the daffodils (which she planted but which now belong to her husband's ex-girlfriend). 

How should we end the scene?  We'll have her leap to her feet, looking over her shoulder and brushing the dirt off her hind end. Then, I think she should realize her pants are still around her ankles, shrug, resume her original position and let 'er rip. 

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