Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten Fine Things

I have been feeling blech today.  Tired because of the long journey home from Santa Barbara; suffering from that feeling of let-down so common after a really, really fun time; sad because Si and his girlfriend have split up.   I was hopeful that he had finally found the right person.

Looks like it's time to play 10 Fine Things.

1.  Waking up with Chuck.
2.  The little-bitties at school this morning. 
     Teacher:  What comes after six?
     Kids:  Seven!
     Teacher:  What comes after three?
     Kids:  Four!
     Teacher:  OK, here's a tough one.  What comes after 99?
     Kids, in unison:  Twenty!
3.  Receiving an e-mail from a former tutor, now in med-school, thanking me for "helping him get where he is today".
4.  I got a decent handful of resumes for our computer lab assistant position.
5.  Simon and I were able to meet and discuss Christmas without fighting.
6.  My colleague Wise put out a student newsletter for the Monday/ Wednesday program which looked wonderful and were well-received.
7.  My colleague Ray organized a nice tutor-appreciation night for all the volunteers who help us in he Monday / Wednesday program.
8.  The kids liked my new baked macaroni and cheese hot-dish recipe.
9.  I got the truck cleaned out.  It was pretty messy after the long drive to California.
10.  Sara amused me with her discussion of future career possibilities.  We were listening to an ad on the radio for laser hair removal for men.
     "Wow.  That is one job I would not want if I had to do it on men.  Yuck.  Now I do not want to be a hair laser technician.
     "And why would a guy want to get lasered anyway?"
    "To avoid a back, sack and crack wax."
Sara pondered this poetic expression. 
     "OK, I understand waxing your back.  And your crack....?  Eeeeeeeewwww....  Sack.  Sack.  Do you mean belly?"
     "No, it's slang for scrotum."
     "EEEEEEEEWWWWW.  NO WAY!  I'm never doing that job.  I would rather be a shrimper.  I would rather be a crab fisherman..."


  1. just wanted to let you know I caught up reading. hard week, but you are strong and will get through all the things you are feeling. take special care of YOU~ and crack wax? that's just GROSS~

  2. You are feeling blech because Utah is not California. Anyone who goes on vacation to California is entitled to a few days of blech afterwards. ;)