Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's it Gonna Be?

I have a short list of little hatchbacks.  The big Tacoma has been really useful for camping and stuff, but I need to save gas.  Vehicles with an MSRP higher than $17,500 or lower gas mileage than 38 MPG, highway need not apply.Yesterday I test-drove a Toyota Yaris.  Or there's the Subaru Impreza, the Ford Fiesta or the Fiat 5000.
These appeared before me after supper.  Do you think Chuck has an opinion?


  1. I think Chuck not only has an opinion, but excellent taste in vehicles. I would have to counter, however, that since this gorgeous car is not yet available with AWD (Car & Driver says 2013 model year!), it needs to move back to warmer climes. As a Tacoma owner, you will be really unhappy driving a small car in winter weather without at least AWD. So unless you can survive 11 months until next Sept/Oct and are willing to risk a first-model-year vehicle, get a Subaru. (So says an extremely-satisfied Subaru owner who fully intends to drive Subarus exclusively for the rest of her life.)

  2. I've been thinking about getting a Yaris for my next car.

  3. I like the Yaris. (much better than a prius, IMO)

    I just got the go ahead to start car shopping. I'm actually up-sizing. Three boys all sitting next to each other is not a fun time.