Friday, March 15, 2013

I Blame Dr.Seuss

Because it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday this week, Jodi, the Kitchen Manager, made Green Eggs and Ham for the kids.  The eggs were very green, thanks to a little food coloring.  The ham was regular, ham color.
Because Jodi made too much, there were leftovers.
Because the leftovers were available, I had some, and the ham was really yummy.  I complimented Jodi on the ham.
Because she was flattered, she offered me all the rest of the leftover ham.
That got me thinking.  About a nice ham and cheese sandwich.  About how beautiful the weather is today.  About the very long hours I have put in this week: writing proposals; presentations; award nominations; and doing a load of post-testing.  About how much I want to pack some ham sandwiches into a little backpack, got on the tandem with Chuck and have a sunny, picnic-y day off tomorrow. 

I went to see my boss.  She told me to take it and not even call it a vacation day.  Just consider it a compensatory day for all the extra hours I did this week. 
Do you like green eggs and ham?!  I do so like green eggs and ham!  And I will like them on a bike, and I might like them with a kite; I would like them at a park, and with a beer, and with my guy.  And I will take my sunscreen, too…

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