Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mixed Bag

First of all, I would like to apologize to my blog-buddies out there:  I haven’t been visiting your blogs the way I want to.  We have been having Internet problems. SOOOOO SLOOOOOOW.

Today has been a little bit blah.  Can I whine?  Tough.  I’m going to anyway.

First of all, my mouth hurts again.  Remember the evil herpes outbreak of December?  I started feeling that telltale prickling in my mouth on Friday, so I went to the InstaCare and got a prescription for an antiviral.  The doctor told me to take it for three days to nip this little bastard in the bud.  Despite having followed her directions carefully, my tongue is prickling again… I am cursed. 

And, our school’s Development Director is leaving to work at a different agency.  I really like her and I am not psyched about a change.

Additionally, I don’t think Chuck and I can be married in Wisconsin after all.  And not in August.  The kids’ schedules are just making it too hard to find even a single day that works.  We are now thinking about a Plan B:  June in Santa Barbara.  I feel sad though. Chuck really wanted to get married at my family’s cottage.  We had visions of sailing, swimming, hammock napping, Scrabble games, root beer floats…I think Santa Barbara is GORGEOUS, but he is jaded, having grown up and married his first wife there.  Why get married in Santa Barbara, California when you can get married in Wautoma, Wisconsin?!?  AND when I called my mom today to tell her, she told me that my sister-in-law has applied online to be allowed to perform weddings, so she could officiate at mine.  I would have LOVED that!  I think she was going to surprise me.  I’m bummed.  What if Chuck’s grandmother can’t come to Santa Barbara?  My mom definitely can’t afford the trip.  And when I told her I would fly her out there, she objected very strongly and kind of got mad. 


Life’s not all bad. Time to look at the bright side.

After all, I am going to marry my guy one way or the other.  We will get used to the June in Santa Barbara plan, I think!

I also think we may be able to go on an actual honeymoon!  [whispered] SPAIN!  More details to follow.  Anyone been to Spain lately?  Suggestions for the very most fun things to do?  Oh, boy!  I hope it happens!

The newspaper arrived on time this morning.

I have started a new book:  This Body of Death, by Elizabeth George.  I love her murder mysteries!  I stayed on the exercise bike for a full hour today, because I had Elizabeth George to keep me company.

Chuck’s ex-girlfriend, Marianne, has moved out of the house next door, at least temporarily.  I think she has plans to make some changes to the house, then move back in.  For the time being, it is nice not to have the weirdness of my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend living next door.  Not that it was bothering me much, though. As time went by, I thought of her less and less.  Except when her boyfriend broke the snowplow.  That was note-worthy.  Otherwise?  Who cares?

Finally, I have been very good and haven’t eaten any junk-food today.

All in all, this day was a solid "B-". 

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  1. Sometimes a good, solid B feels pretty damn good!