Saturday, March 9, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Triple date tonight.
Barbecue and Blues.


  1. That sounds very, very nice! We are closing in on 60 and have been together for five years, date night is still a staple of our relationship and I think it should be for all couples. There needs to be away together time, no matter how simply spent, just to enjoy each other with no other distractions. ENJOY!!

    1. Hi, Josie! It was fun! Our friends didn't join us: we were skunked! BUT we were table-crowded by a group of really fun people, so we made some new friends.

  2. Tell me where and My Beloved Sandra and I will meet you there. I want summa dat B&B. Bad!

  3. I hope you had a GREAT time, Kate. Make it a cosy Sunday.