Saturday, March 26, 2011


[By the way, is it me, or are there problems uploading photos?]

 OK!  We toasted the inaugural goof-off the Eleanors and learned to play poker, thanks to the patience and perseverance of our teacher Jeff, who also brought the table and real Vegas chips.  Of course, we ate; and Moira stayed afterward to smoke a cigar with me. 

So, can I play, now?  If I can use my cheat-sheet, yes.  Except all the betting stuff:  see, check, call, raise...erk!  We need practice.  I need to have some folks over to just play.

What day are we on?  Day 12.  Forty-eight more days to get my shit together.  I am actually getting a little worse, rather than better.  This doesn't surprise me, somehow.  The shock is wearing off; and I am facing the fact that I am bummed about several things, not just CB (bastard!).  Now that the acute breakup pain is starting to ease up a little, I have to deal with all the rest of it.  Poker night last night helped temporarily.  Today, I mostly just lay on the sun porch staring or dozing.  Tomorrow I have to do better.  Simon is leaving for Vail and I have responsibilities.  I'll write down what I would like to accomplish tomorrow, then I'll see what I manage.

Go out to breakfast as a family at Lazy Day cafe before Simon hits the road;
Finish laundry;
Household chores;
Input testing data for Guadalupe;
Run 9 miles;
Make tilapia with orange salsa;
Contact outfitter for summer canoe trip;
Mend chair cushions.

Let's say that, if I manage to do 5 of those things, I will congratulate myself. 


  1. Looks like it's not just you, Kate. The photos load when you click on the little white squares but there are no previews. Bummer.
    Poker and cigars sounds like a great girls' night out.

  2. Run 9 miles....holy shit. I took the dog for a walk yesterday and was really, really proud of myself.

    I think lists are a good idea, but don't be down on yourself about sitting and staring (unless you do it for days on end)...that is also part of healing.

    Mostly, I am sort of in awe of you, Kate. You have a logical bent that slides you over the ditches. I LIKE that in a person. I have to laugh, though...because you remind me a little of myself. You catch yourself becoming sentimental and sloppy and yank yourself up by your boot straps.

    I am really, really surprised that CB isn't back yet because I totally misread him. I gave him three days tops. I still think he will be back but now I am hoping that he holds out even longer. The longer he is away, the stronger you get and that is a GOOD THING.

  3. Loving the new blog! Not loving the reason behind it mind you, well, I am loving the way you've given yourself a goal and time to get back on track. I have faith in you!
    And who can resist a list? I can't. And if I don't complete my list, there is always tomorrow, and there will be less to do tomorrow than today! (Provding you don't add another list.) PS I couldn't run for 9 minutes, let alone 9 miles.

  4. Maria: I saw him today. So, 14 days. I'll write about it later.

  5. Hi Kate,

    I hav e posted a video on my blog which might interest you as a language expert