Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

1.  Have you ever gotten a pet from rescue?

No, mostly because I haven't had pets.  In my new life, there are yet unexplored pet possibilities, though.  And I noticed Chuck tracking little kitty paw-prints in the snow this morning.  A lot of people dump their unwanted pets in the Canyon.  Chuck has adopted several kitten by hauling them out of the underbrush by the road.

2.  What pumpkin goodies have you had this fall?

None, can you believe it?  I LOVE pumpkin!  However, I'm stingy with my money and don't buy many treats for myself.  I need to bake my famous pumpkin cheesecake soon.

3.  What are the best and worst rooms in your home?

Our barn house is so open-plan that our rooms meld together.  But I would say that I love the kitchen most.  I love the warmth and aesthetic of the antique stove; the area I have all set up for making hot drinks; the rolling island that keeps my pots handy and includes a wine rack.  I love the dish shelves that have track lighting concealed behind them to make a soft glow.

The basement is the absolute worst room, not just in our house, but in any house.  It may be the worst basement in Salt Lake County.  I emotionally washed my hands of it the day I moved in.  It is Chuck's workshop and is an explosion of wood, sawdust, mysterious tools and  broken stuff... There are many things down there that I am at a loss to explain:  an old bowling ball sitting on the floor, half covered in saw dust; two church pews, one assembled and one disassembled, that block access to other things (we already have two church pews upstairs).  I can't put things away down there, because I don't know where anything goes.  I have asked for a little shelving area to keep a few things (Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Halloween costume parts, my grandmother's china, etc...) and Chuck was kind enough to make space for me.  But since then, my access to "my" area has been blocked by stuff that I have to climb over and around. Pieces of antique pew block the bottom shelves of my area. I hate going down there.  But I don't say anything to him.  I have my way about the order and cleanliness of the rest of the house, and I don't want to be too controlling.  Technically, it's his house, after all.

4.  If you could have a real "bricks and mortar" type business, what would it be?

A nursery!  I would grow strange and beautiful plants!  All I need is capital and ability.  Or, I wonder if it is fun to be a "life coach".  How does one even become a life coach?

5.  What's your favorite tropical fruit?

It has to be mango. That is my favorite everything fruit.

Thanks very much Patrice, for this special opportunity to complain about the basement.  It was fun.


  1. I have been missing your previous chat posts...possibly because I post early and maybe you have posted later....any way....I love your blog and I am a new follower.

  2. Anything to do with plants is great. I think that a nursery could be fun, but a lot of hard work. I used to work in one years ago. I have a little experience in propagating roses and think that it would be fun to create a new breed from the old antique roses and sell them. Flowers are fun. :)

    Have a great week!