Saturday, November 23, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Mixed teabags.
English Comment?
Constant Breakfast?

(What would you prefer?  Having had a lifetime of English comment, I will take the constant breakfast.)


  1. Hi Kate ~~ I'll take the breakfasts also. Mrs. Jim has a joke (??) that I told her when we first married that I didn't eat breakfasts. She says that she isn't going to ask me again.
    I do hope your hubby will take care of his scaly bits. I've had three of mine turn into squamous cell carcinoma and one into basal cell carcinoma.

  2. I wish a was a tea person, but I'm not. I always think all the different flavors sound so wonderful-- I try a flavor or two every couple of years--nope, still not a fan!

  3. Constant? I'm not sure that appeals, Kate. A nice cup of coffee, or cheese and crackers with wine a bit later in the day (i.e now :) ) Have a good weekend.