Friday, November 1, 2013

October Ends in Pictures

Trail run

Sugar skulls, painfully acquired for my Day of the Dead party

 I have been cleaning out my grandmother's trunk, and the final step is to remove these HUGE nails!  Who did that, and WHY!?!  Someone trying to create a homemade iron maiden?  Well, they were easy to take out.
Window washing

 My new tenant is moving in tomorrow.  Oh, happy day!
 And the electricians have been putting the final touches on the major electrical upgrade I had done.
Upstairs tenants decorated for Halloween.

Replicolor, the photo developing company owned by our friends Scott and Charlene

Sara's entry in the Reflections art contest.  The reflected glare is NOT her creation.

 Some days I am too lazy to brew coffee.  I know this will gross some of you out, but I just poured some of yesterday's stale, cold coffee into my cup and reheated it in the microwave.
Ooooooh!  Paper Halloween witch on my desk!

For my lesson on furniture

 BidSync is the network that I use for applying for grants from Salt Lake County.

Lentil soup prepared by our student Maria Martinez

I will be teaching one of my groups the difference between day and night.  

 We have been very lucky this month to have free yoga classes at the school, thanks to our former volunteer tutor Lisa Stachitus.

 Sara was hanging out with friends, watching "Young Frankenstein".  I picked her up on my way home from work.

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