Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

It's Thursday, so time for Thursday Thirteen !

Today, I will list thirteen things that are stressing me right now, in order of stressiness.

1.  My social life.  Why do I have to make all the running?  Every weekend, I call up friends.  Dinner?  Music?  Bike ride?  I'll get back to you later.  Not sure.  Already have plans.  And no one calls us to see what we are doing.  Sometimes I feel like a reject.  

2.  My rental unit.  The upstairs tenants have not paid rent this month.  They are racking up late charges.  One of them (my stepson) has gathered his share, but the others have not.  I have a mortgage payment to make; utilities to pay; and I just spent $3,400 on electrical upgrades, which  put my cash flow into the "Danger, Will Robinson!" range.  I can't spend any more money until I have collected more rent.  But the rent doesn't come!  The deadbeats are not responding to me.  Pretty soon, I will have to evict them.  And since they are all on the lease, I will need to evict my stepson, too.  Maybe Chuck can convince him to get the non-paying people out and find new housemates.

3.  My work load.  I need to be at work more, but I am being pulled away to meetings, training, etc...

4.  My relationship.  We're married!  We are on old married couple!  How can love survive that?

5.  My body.  When I am not in the right frame of mind, I can't bring myself to work out. I sit gathering wool instead. And then I become more miserable, and gather more wool.

6.  My body some more. I HATE, HATE my figure.  And people (who are not me) think I am slim.  But they don't have to look at my butt.  Which is big.  And sliding down my legs, 'cause I am getting old.

7.  My bills, bills, bills.  This month need to fill  the propane tank.  It's going to cost the better part of $900 and that is a big chuck of my monthly income.

8.  My husband's ex.  Why does Chuck's ex-girlfriend need to be building her dream-home next door?  She is going to be right next door forever! How do any of us ever move on?

9.  My soccer carpool.  Sara's practice way out in Riverton, more than 30 minutes away.  Some other moms and I are going to rotate driving our kids out there.  However, I don't have seatbelts for all of them in my tiny car, even if Nathan isn't with us.  And since I don't have time to take Nathan home before I have to drive, I don't have capacity, period.  Who can I strap to the roof?

10.  My program.  We are going to move to a new building in a few months, and everyone thinks I can build a bigger, better, more beautiful adult education program when we get there.  Sure, the building will be bigger, but how do they think we will be able to afford to do all the cool new projects everyone expects?  Guess who has to figure out how to fund it?

11.  My Christmas plans.  I would like to buy Chuck a wedding ring.  But if he doesn't buy one for me, will he feel bad?

12.  My kids' future.  If I can't make any money on the rental property, I can't put anything in my kids' college accounts.

13.  My credit security.  I was contacted by my credit card company to say that the security of my credit card has been compromised and that they need to send me a new card.  Blah.

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  1. Ugh. The pain of being a landlord. I have a friend who owns several apartment buildings. It is his job, the way he makes a living. He is a great handyman, so tends to most of the plumbing, electrical probs, etc. But, his biggest beef is dead beat tenants. He tells me that it costs a lot of money to get them evicted, so he spends an inordinate amount of time banging on doors and trying to shake people down for money. have an even tougher time. NEVER rent to family!

    Bing and I are getting married in late December. We talked about rings, etc. We decided to just buy things we like. I already picked out my amethyst. She just wants a simple silver band. Rings are fine, but unnecessary.

    I can't even imagine living next door to one of Bing's exes.

    We are anti social. There I said it. When friends call to do things, Bing and I look at each other and groan. We'd rather just hang together at home. Sad, I know.