Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

Time to play Thursday Thirteen!

How about thirteen things I am looking forward to about our Thanksgiving trip to Santa Barbara?

1.  Cheese popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepper:  my two road-trip treats.  It's a thirteen hour drive.  There has to be an incentive!

2.  Pumpkin pie.

3.  Having a long weekend with Chuck and without chores.

4.  Arriving at Chuck's parents' house and warming my back at their gas fire while having a cold beer.

5.  The four-mile turkey-trot that Chuck and his daughter and I will run on Thanksgiving morning.

6.  Walks on the beach!

7.  Surfing.  I'm taking my wet-suit.

8.  More pumpkin pie.  For breakfast!

9.  Having time to read my book.

10.  Visiting with my new in-laws, who are thinking about paying us a visit during the Christmas holidays.  We will have some plans to make!

11.  Rigging up the Hobie 16 and going for a sail.

12.  I will take my yarn, needles and my new "Knitting for Dummies" book and get a little expert advice from my MIL.

13.  I will do a photo blog while I am there.  Could be interesting.

Only a few more days!  And if I do all the things on that list, I will be seriously impressed with myself.


  1. It's so weird seeing you mention surfing and sailing for Thanksgiving when the temp here will be hovering right around freezing. At least it's not supposed to snow, LOL! My Make-A-Wish T13