Monday, January 23, 2012

You Would Think...

You would think that, after being able to be with Chuck for the last five days, I wouldn't care that I don't get to see him for two measly days. Big deal!  When I have custody of my kids, we still spend a little time together - but it is kid-centered time.  He doesn't sleep over.  I miss him.  I tell myself that it is silly to miss someone whom I see and talk to and touch as often as I do him.

Almost eight months since  we started this relationship.  Still no fights, no disappointment, no tension.  I keep waiting for it.  But it never comes.  I think loving someone this much is scary.  It makes my chest feel tight.  I keep bracing myself for The Inevitable; but instead, we just glide along, happy. 


  1. Hi Kate,
    Why inevitable? It sounds like you two have a good relationship. Enjoy each other when you can and stop worrying.

  2. enjoy's plenty of time for pain and misery.......but not right now!!