Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Ends in Pictures

Do you see Nate's tongue sticking out 'cause I'm making him put his soccer stuff away?

Hair... sticking... out...AGAIN!  Lie down!  Lie down!

The mediator wants us to establish family calendars after I move out, so the kids can see everyone's activities and know what's going to happen next.  I figured I'd get that going now, while we're still all living together.
Spending a little time with Guadalupe

 I got home from the gym to find Nate shakin' his bootie and singing "Can't Touch This".  So we had to call Diane and leave some of that on her voice mail....
 I spoiled myself by buying a book today.  Usually I just go to the library;  but it's about time I owned Rain of Gold, because I love it so much.  My aunt recommended it and I raved about it to my book club.  They loved it, too.  And their husbands loved it!  Since that was eight or nine years ago and the author has some new stories out, we are going to read it again.

I read a lot of books, but this one remains my favorite.  I gravitate toward novels, but this is non-fiction:  a family history.  It contains:  Mexican immigrants; revolutionaries; migrant workers; bootleggers; gold mines; pool halls; and a passionate, predestined love.  Villasenor is so lively and so tender in his writing that my lashes are a little damp all the time when I am reading this book.


Chai and Italian sodas at Beans and Brews

I like "City Weekly" with my chai.

You know it's a big project when he has to work on it on a Saturday.

Oh, Canada!

Chives are up in the garden.


  1. Funny, how words aren't even needed really to see a life in progress.

  2. My word verification was "dillycow." I intend to use that in a sentence today.

  3. Enjoyed your photographic post Kate