Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Lillian

Putting my name in your title line certainly got my attention, so I will get yours the same way!

I would LEAP at the chance to have lunch with you!  We have been friends for YEARS and have never met!  It would be fun. 

Please find a different hero.  Crimeny!  One who has such awesome superpowers such as the ability to:
go to bed;
exercise properly;
stay off the rim of her bathtub;
not pull her hair;
make decent money;
buy a house;
get her kids where they need to go;
mend her heart.
That's the hero I'm looking for.  Oh, and she needs to laugh.  And be able to loosen her own lug nuts.

But camping? No big deal.  We should exchange e-mail addresses.  Wanna be an Eleanor?  When camping, men are very handy for lifting the cooler out of the truck.  They are also absolutely lovely to sit with by a fire and drink and maybe make out.  Otherwise?  Camping is gender neutral.  What does it involve, really?  Select the site, pitch the tent.  Goof off.  Build a fire.  Cook food, clean up.  Goof off.  Smoke a cigar (optional!). Depending on the group, you might do some star gazing, fire staring, deep conversation, story telling, bad dance moves, marshmallow roasting, tequila shooters, sing-alongs,  watermelon seed spitting, dirty jokes or fart lighting.  Well, OK, I've never been with a group where anyone lit their farts.  They just talked a big game.  Then you crawl into your sleeping bag and go to sleep. It is stinkin' fun, and if you haven't gone, we will fix that.  I will help you plan it, I promise; and I have gear.  Be in touch!  kate@guadalupe.k12.ut.us

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  1. New goals: Buy a tent and a sleeping bag. I can even justify such things for emergency purposes!

    I'm sticking by the hero label, though. You're out here talking about things that I totally relate to and yet cannot bring myself to talk about. So right there you've got some guts I envy, and you're working towards the rest of the hero list. I feel good about myself when I can manage a 10-minute walk these days. I think you're doing better at all this than you think you are.

    Hey! I can knit in a circle and use a sewing machine! And I know the guy in charge of the Murray Rec kickball league. So count me in as a resource sometime if you need it.

    (And OMG! Couchsurfing! I am all over that now!)