Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Even the Mud is Prettier There

Day 8 of Detox is over, and the distractions of the office await tomorrow. 
I had hoped to get some of those iconic red-rock-with-snow shots at Bryce Canyon this weekend, but the light would not cooperate.  See how the trees are not luminous, as they can often be?  The rock just looks tan?  This picture is not a keeper, but I put it in to show just how hard it can be to get a good shot when the light is flat.  I did see one great shot:  beams radiating through a break in the cloud; verga from a distant dark storm; short, stout rainbow. We were in the moving truck when I spotted it, though, with nowhere to pull over.
I did try hard to get good shots, and ended up with a very muddy butt.  This was early on, as well.  It got even muddier.  I kind of thought it would, so I took my ski pants.  My coat is pretty splattered as well.  I am always a little embarrassed about this coat:  I call it my John Denver jacket, 'cause on the cover of..."Rocky Mountain High"...(?), he is wearing an identical one.  This is of the same vintage; well, almost.  My dad gave this to me in about 1985.  It got me thinking about all the really old stuff that I have and use, forgetting that it is old.  My tent is now...22 years old.  My sleeping bag...19.  My backpacking stove...23 years old.  All of which makes me really fucking old.
As is often the case when my photographic muse is letting me down, the kids come through for me.  They are always photogenic.  Sara likes to pose for me.  Nathan has to be persuaded.

The weekend turned out to be fun despite the weather.  Layers on, layers off.  Layers on, layers off.  At one point down in the canyon, I had my coat off and was still too warm. At another point, up on the rim, we were wearing hats, scarves, coats, etc.... 
Trail conditions?  Less than ideal!  Do you want to hear about how fabulous my kids are, though?  Eight and a half miles of challenging hiking, and they didn't bat an eyelid.  They did eat vast amounts - well, Nathan did.  Sara did some sketching.  They had a ball in the pool.  I promised Si that I would tell the truth in this entry about how I wussed out on swimming.  It's true.  The first night, I dozed off after supper and Si took the kids to the pool without me.  The second night we all went to the pool, but I luxuriated in the hot tub instead of swimming in the regular pool.  Si swam in the pool AND luxuriated in the hot tub. Should I feel guilty?  My parenting can be compromised by naps and decadent soaks. I did applaud Nate's cannon ball from the hot tub....

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