Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nathan Entertains Me

Pity this turned out a little blurry.  All through supper, I thought I saw something dark in Nate's hair.  Finally, I asked him what it was and he reached up there.  It landed on the table to quite a bit of squealing, which turned to "EWWWWW!!!!!" when I picked it up.  Yeah, a slug.  With a smooshed head.  Can you imagine what an everlasting impression I would have made if I had eaten it?  It's so tiny - I could have washed it down with my gin and tonic and barely noticed. Dad would've. The opportunities I miss because I don't consider them...

Then we had to go to Target to get a new swimsuit for Sara. ("The butt is baggy on my old one!")  Nate stands there by the rack and loudly declares, "Get this one, Sara.  In this one, you'll have a man in five minutes."

1 comment:

  1. I wish the butt was baggy on my swim suit. It's quite the opposite I am afraid. Sigh.
    Keep checking for those slugs. They get everywhere.